Capacity Building to be a Central Pillar of MoENT

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Entertainment and Talent Development (MoENT) will prioritise the development of skills and the strengthening of professional competencies among the nation’s creatives and innovators as it aims to support globally competitive talent.

This was among the target areas as the Ministry unveiled its plans for 2022. Minister Hon. Akilah Byron-Nisbett outlined a range of plans which are designed to enhance entrepreneurship education and creative talent development through making suitable connections and partnerships with key industry players and institutions.

“MoENT seeks to optimize the legal and regulatory environment to reduce barriers and provide the foundational pillars for a thriving industry. We are in the process of establishing working relationships with other Government Ministries to facilitate initiatives” she said.

Other key institutional partners with whom MoENT will aim to deliver capacity building initiatives include The Academy of Women Entrepreneurship, OAS Development Cooperation Fund (DCF); Project providing training and funding for web development for MSMes, Eastern Caribbean Green Entrepreneurship Initiative, and the Taiwanese funded project “Economic Empowerment of Women in Latin America and the Caribbean in the Post Pandemic Era”.

The Ministry has examined and identified the challenges and shortcomings in the Government systems and devised other fundamental pillars such as Funding, Regulations, and Public Awareness to be implemented by MoENT.