Frequently Asked Questions

What is the long-term vision of this Ministry?

The Ministry will pursue the transformation of the entertainment, creative and innovative industries in St. Kitts and Nevis through entrepreneurship and economic value creation

Does the Ministry have any core principles?

Every project, programme, policy or other intervention of the Ministry will be designed to achieve one or more of the following aims:

  • To enhance the quality of creative and innovative talent and output.
  • To professionalize the arts, entertainment, creative and innovation industries through value creation, skills development and harmonization of standards
  • To empower more people through the monetization of creative and innovative talent, entrepreneurial development and market exposure.
  • To create new, sustainable streams of national revenue.
What are some of the specific ways in which the Ministry will pursue its long-term vision?

The Ministry will prioritize:

  • Increasing the engagement and participation in the arts and creative industries.
  • Improving the resources, facilities and opportunities (and access to the same) needed to support people in the arts and creative industries.
  • Providing technical assistance and support to people in the arts and creative industries in the areas of quality production, networking, unionization, marketing and promotion, image and branding, talent management, sales and export.
  • Promoting the artistic culture, products and endeavors of St. Kitts and Nevis, both nationally and internationally.
  • Creating and facilitating various ‘Arts as a Career’ pathways for the economic transformation of young people and families.
  • Identifying and developing the skills and talents of our leading and emerging artists, musicians, performers and other creatives.
  • To facilitate the export and exchange of talent internationally, including the use, participation and engagement of innovation/talent tourists.
What direct support does the Ministry offer to entrepreneurs?

The Ministry aims to provide:

  • Technical advice in the areas of quality production, networking, marketing and promotion, image and branding, talent management, sales and export.
  • Ongoing assistance and referrals for the development of your business; and
  • Access to facilities, resources and opportunities to develop your business.

The Ministry does not provide direct financial assistance to entrepreneurs.

What specific businesses can get support from this Ministry?

This Ministry will provide targeted support to sole traders, partnerships, limited liability companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) whose principal areas of business fall within in St. Kitts and Nevis whose principal area of business fall within any of the 4 Priority Sectors:

  1. Music & Entertainment
  2. Film & Photography
  3. Artistic Works
  4. Technology & Innovation

Practitioners in these areas include the following:

  • Music & Entertainment: Singers, Calypsonians, Vocalists, voice, over voice training/coaching, Radio Hosts, Podcasters, Musicians, DJ, MC, or musical group (including bands), Composers, Sound Engineer, Songwriters
  • Film & Photography: Actor, Filmmaker, Videographer, Animator, Director, Vlogger, Photographer, AV Production.
  • Artistic Works: Poet, Dancer, Choreographer, Playwright, Graphic Designer, Visual Artist, Illustrator, Light Technician, Sculptor, Potter, Carpenter, Fashion Designer, Model, Make-up Artists, Jewelry Designers.
  • Technology & Innovation: Coders, Web developers, Mobile applications developers, Cryptographers, Hardware and Software designers and developers, Inventors, Robotics, Machine Learning, AI, blockchain technology, Gamers, Drone Technology.

**Related Services: Reviewing, Editing, Production, Agency and Administration, Service provider, Management, Event Planner, Promoter, Intellectual Property Advisers, Association Representatives, Quality Control, Monitoring and Evaluation, Testing and Research & Development.

  • Other: Any other role within or related to the creative, entertainment and innovative industries.


What if my business is not classified as an ‘innovator’ or ‘creative’?
The Ministry’s current focus is creatives and innovators. If you have an existing business or have an idea which you want to develop into a business, but it does not fall into any of the 4 Priority Sectors above, you may be better assisted by the Small Business Development Unit (SBDU) within the Ministry of Trade. You can find more information by visiting
What about creatives and innovators who are ‘not-for-profit’?
There may be cases where some creatives work primarily for the promotion of cultural expression and exchange and the preservation of folkloric practices, and do not wish to develop a business. The Department of Culture within the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports will be able to assist in that good work. You can find more information by visiting

Also, innovators whose primary focus is educational and is of a charitable, public service nature may be better assisted by the National ICT Centre within the Ministry of Communications. You can find more information by visiting

I don’t have a business yet, can I get support from the Ministry?

The Ministry aims to provide support to existing, emerging and prospective businesses. So, whether your business has been around for more than a decade or in its infancy or is still just an idea, the Ministry can assist you in developing fully and/or enhancing your business to maximize its success.

Do I need to register with the Ministry?
The Ministry will develop and maintain a registry of all the businesses within the local creative and innovative industries, and we want you to be a part of it. This register will assist the Ministry in the planning and execution of its projects and programmes.

Register here.

How will I get information and updates from the Ministry?

The Ministry has many avenues to keep you engaged and informed:

  • Our interactive website hosts a range of information about the Ministry’s projects, programmes and events, with a list of available opportunities.
  • You can find all our updates and campaigns on our social media pages and channels. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.
  • The Ministry welcomes all innovators and creatives to visit our offices at the National ICT Centre.
What happens if I bring a business idea to the Ministry?
  • – Contact the Ministry
  • – Register with Ministry
  • – Initial consultation to assess position and outlook
  • – Referral to specialist within the Ministry
  • – Ongoing consultations